The Island is the only place in skyblock 1.0 and 1.2.

Skyblock 2.1

First Appearance

Skyblock 1.0




Dirt One tree Chest Sand (1.0, 1.1)


To Expand your island.


Between Easy and Hardcore mode.


Build a Cobble stone generator. Expand the island, Make an area for mobs to spawn at-least 24 blocks away from the island. Make a mushroom farm.(1.0) Make some glass. Make a reed farm. Make a cactus farm. Make a wheat farm. Make some bread. Make a bed. Build a forest. Build a house. Make a small waterfall and a lake. Make at least 5 torches. Make a infinite water source. Make a furnace.

Official servers (Owned by Noobcrew) ( Flagship Server ) ( Economy Skyblock )

Is Skyblock the only object on the map?Edit

In Skyblock there is a mainland, but in skyblock making a bridge to the mainland is against the rules.

In Skyblock 2.0/2.1 there is a sand platform and in the nether there is a tiny platform made of Glowstone. The island will consist of a chest with some blocks to start out, a tree, and an island of dirt.


  • Do not leave the island.
  • No mods (Mods like optifine should be fine)
  • If you open to lan do not enable cheats.
  • If you die do not revert your save.